We offer a full lifetime warranty on our EZ-Pull Lever system, every single piece of our clutch lever products come with a exclusive life-of-the-lever warranty, we cover all parts including the perch, the lever blade, the clamp, the cable adjuster, all stainless hardware and the sealed roller bearings. Our warranty also extends past the original purchaser so if you switch colors and give this lever to your ride buddy, its still covered. This warranty protects you from defects and wreck damage whether intentional or not. If a piece is rendered unusable send a picture of the piece to haleraceworks@gmail.com with subject title: Warranty and we will get you a replacement ASAP. All of our replacement pieces will be brand new never used pieces and not a "functional" warranty like others that send a used but still functional piece. We are also the only company to warranty pieces of our products we dont even make, such as stainless hardware and bearings.